Scuba Diving at Seven Mile Beach, Grand Cayman

About Our Grand Cayman Diving

Welcome to Grand Cayman, one of the world’s premier scuba diving destinations!

People travel from all over the world to dive the famous Cayman blues, marvel at our towering walls, and explore our vibrant coral reefs.

At Red Sail Sports, we provide a full range of Grand Cayman Seven Mile Beach scuba diving excursions.

Our 2-tank Kittiwake wreck dive offers the complete experience at one of Grand Cayman’s most renowned dive sites.

Do you want to come face-to-face with the world-famous Cayman Wall? Look no further than our 2-tank AM West Wall dive.

Join our 1-tank Seven Mile Beach night dive and swim through a dark, otherworldly environment after the sun has set.

Scuba Diving on Grand Cayman

Our spacious dive boats come fully equipped with fresh water showers, bathrooms, separate freshwater gear and rinse buckets, drinking water, and fresh fruit for after the dive.

Do you have any questions about scuba diving at Seven Mile Beach, Grand Cayman? Please feel free to get in touch for all the answers you need.

Explore more of Grand Cayman’s spectacular dive sites with Red Sail Sports. Browse our range of East End Scuba Diving Excursions in Grand Cayman.

2-Tank AM West Wall Dive in Grand Cayman

FromFrom CI$120
Grand Cayman's West Wall is famous for its huge sand channels, swim-throughs and amazing scenery.
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2-Tank AM North Wall Dive in Grand Cayman

FromFrom CI$120
Marvel at the spectacular shear drop of the North wall & keep your eyes peeled for any large pelagic creatures that may swim by!
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2-Tank Kittiwake Wreck Dive in Grand Cayman

FromFrom CI$130
A guided dive through the wreck of the ex-USS Kittiwake, followed with a shallow coral reef dive.
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1-Tank PM West Shallow Dive in Grand Cayman

FromFrom CI$76
A shallow reef dive to one of the many west-side dive sites with reefs ranging from 25 - 50ft.
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1-Tank Grand Cayman Kittiwake Wreck Dive

FromFrom CI$95
The ex-USS Kittiwake is a 251 foot wreck purposely sunk with divers in mind, a real thrill to explore.
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1-Tank Grand Cayman Night Dive

FromFrom CI$85
See the underwater world in a whole new light! Even a dive site which you may have visited during the day takes on a new personality at night.
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Scuba diving beginners course

Resort Scuba Course in Grand Cayman

FromFrom CI$120
Learn to dive in just one day and discover the beauty of Cayman's underwater world under the guidance of one of our professional Instructors.
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