5 Best Things To Do in George Town, Grand Cayman

While the Cayman Islands are world-renowned as a Caribbean paradise packed with opportunities for ocean adventures, there is still plenty to be enjoyed on land. George Town, the capital of the Cayman Islands and the cruise port of Grand Cayman, is a hub of culture, cuisine, and history. 

From touring intriguing museums to local markets, we’ve curated a list of the top 5 best things to do in George Town. If you’re looking for even more ideas, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.

Is George Town, Cayman Islands Worth Visiting?

If you’re wondering whether it’s worth visiting George Town, the answer is a resounding yes! While most people come to the Cayman Islands to experience relaxing Grand Cayman boat excursions or exciting scuba diving tours, on terra firma you can rest your sea legs and experience a different side of Caymanian life. 

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What are the Best George Town, Grand Cayman Excursions?

Not sure where to start? Here’s our guide to the best George Town excursions, from historic jaunts to culinary explorations.

1. Eat and shop your way around George Town

    If you’re thinking of disembarking from your cruise ship in George Town and heading straight to Seven Mile Beach, we’d recommend halting that plan. George Town, while small, is abuzz with boutique stores, eateries, and galleries. 

    There’s plenty of duty-free shopping to be enjoyed and on Cardinal Avenue, you’ll find a line of jewellery stores and perfumeries. Along the waterfront, step inside an antique store or find unique gifts in a souvenir shop. If you’re looking for more artisanal goods, visit the Cayman Craft Market for a selection of handwoven baskets, woodcarvings, and jewellery. This is also a great opportunity to meet the locals!

    With all of this shopping, you’re bound to work up an appetite, but there are plenty of restaurants to choose from. Head to Cayman Cabana for a taste of local dishes such as Cayman-style lobster, try the Cayman Farmers’ Market for fresh produce or enjoy some cocktails at Rackam’s.

    Hungry for more? Check out our Grand Cayman Culinary Guide and our picks for the best food to try when visiting the Cayman Islands.

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    2. Discover local art at the National Gallery of the Cayman Islands

      The beaches of the Cayman Islands may make for a picture-perfect postcard, but the islands are also home to an unparalleled artistic legacy. At the National Gallery of the Cayman Islands, you can admire the works of famous local artists who created their own distinct Caymanian aesthetic. 

      From the visionary paintings of Gladwyn Bush to the pioneering modernism of Bendel Hydes, delve into a collection of art that reflects life on the Cayman Islands at this museum. You can even organise to join a group tour for a more insightful and informative excursion. 

      The National Gallery of the Cayman Islands plays a crucial role in the community by also hosting regular workshops and lectures that facilitate learning, and providing outreach programmes that bolster the islands’ creative output.

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      3. Taste handcrafted liquors at Cayman Spirits Co.

        Rum is a quintessential part of Caribbean culture, and you can savour it at the Cayman Spirits Co. The only distillery in the Cayman Islands, they produce a premium rum that is aged on the ocean floor and will have your taste buds tingling. 

        Named Seven Fathoms Rum after the depths the barrels are placed in the sea, this spirit is unlike any other. But it’s not the only liquor crafted at the distillery. Cayman Spirits Co. also produces vodka, and you can discover more details about the distillation process on a guided tour of the facilities. 

        Harnessing traditional West Indies methods, the Cayman Spirits Co. is keeping the ‘spirit’ of the Caribbean alive, one submerged barrel at a time.

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        4. Uncover history at Heroes Square

          Also known as Quincentennial Square, Heroes Square is a stunning landmark in George Town dedicated to Cayman Islands history. Filled with various sculptures and commemorative artworks, the Heroes Square will introduce you to some of the most influential names and events on the islands. 

          Come face-to-face with a sculpture dedicated to Jim Bodden, the Cayman Islands’ first National Hero, and discover a masterpiece celebrating the achievement of women’s suffrage. Uncover chronological episodes in the islands’ development at the Wall of History, and the names of those who have contributed to the nation at the Wall of Honour.

          Heroes Square is centrally located between Fort, Edward, and Albert Panton Streets, and is within walking distance from other nearby attractions such as the Clock Tower and George Town Public Library. Put on some walking shoes and take along a camera as strolling around this area will place you right in Caymanian history. 

          For more ideas and inspiration, read our blog Things to Do in Grand Cayman During a Cruise Stop when you have finished here.

          5. Explore heritage at Cayman Islands National Museum 

            For an even greater exploration of history, visit the Cayman Islands National Museum, dedicated to the natural and cultural heritage of the islands. Home to nearly 10,000 artefacts and an array of interactive exhibitions, a trip here is ideal for the whole family. 

            At the Natural History Gallery, you can learn about how the Cayman Islands were formed, and the vast array of plant and animal species that call it home. The Cultural History Gallery reveals the essential components that made up island life, including religion and the sea. You can also visit the Old Goal, which is thought to have served as a store for armaments. 

            The museum is housed in the oldest surviving public building in the Cayman Islands and is a piece of history itself. If you’d like, you can join a guided tour of the museum for a more personal and educational experience. While a museum might not top the list of the most exciting locales, a visit here is certainly one of the best things to do in George Town.

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            Explore Beyond George Town with Red Sail Sports’ Grand Cayman Activities

            We hope you’ve found our picks for the 5 best things to do in George Town, Grand Cayman inspirational and informative! And remember, there is plenty more to discover elsewhere on our island, from Seven Mile Beach to Rum Point.

            Browse our range of Grand Cayman boat excursions to find out more about the adventures waiting for you. And if you’re visiting to make the most of the world-class diving trips in Grand Cayman, we have plenty of thrilling options for you!

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