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Cruise Ship Off the Shore

Things to Do in Grand Cayman During a Cruise Stop

Welcome to the sun-kissed shores of Grand Cayman, where crystal-clear waters, vibrant marine life, and spectacular landscapes await your arrival. If our little slice of paradise is one of your...
a man and a woman snorkelling

Best Places to Snorkel in the Cayman Islands

The Cayman Islands is home to a vibrant kaleidoscope of marine life, crystal-clear waters, and unforgettable snorkelling experiences. At Red Sail Sports, we’re based in Grand Cayman, the largest of...

What are Some Highly Recommended Hotels in Grand Cayman?

Many aspects come together to make Grand Cayman vacations unforgettable. Of course, the weather will have a huge say. But our little part of paradise has a tropical climate, so...
Scuba diving instructor with 2 divers

Becoming a Certified Scuba Diver in the Cayman Islands

The Cayman Island has an incredible 365 dive sites, making it one of the world’s premier diving destinations. It’s also a fantastic place to become a certified scuba diver —...
Paddle boarders with Red Sail Sports on Grand Cayman

Top Watersports in Grand Cayman

Grand Cayman is home to the world-famous Seven Mile Beach and is surrounded by crystal-clear turquoise waters and stunning marine life. It’s no surprise, then, our paradise island has a...

Top 10 Things to Do on Grand Cayman Island

Are you searching for an unforgettable island adventure? Join Red Sail Sports to discover the top 10 things to do in Grand Cayman and start planning.

5 Tips for Having the Best Cayman Vacation

Follow our top travel tips for planning, packing and making the most out of the watersports and scuba-diving paradise of Grand Cayman.
boy swimming with 4 stingrays

How to Choose the Best Day to Visit Stingray City

Click to discover the best day of the week, best time of day, and best months in the year to swim and paddle with friendly stingrays in Grand Cayman

A Guide to Shipwreck Dives in the Cayman Islands

Read Red Sail Sports’ Guide to Shipwreck Dives in the Cayman Islands and learn more about some of Grand Cayman's most exciting dive sites.

The Best Scuba Diving in the Cayman Islands

Read this Red Sail Sports guide to the best scuba diving in the Cayman Islands and start planning your adventure in our underwater wonderland.
Swimming with Stingray in Stingray City Grand Cayman with Red Sail Sports

5 Things You May Not Know About Stingray City’s Stingrays

Read Red Sail Sports’ list of 5 things you may not know about Stingray City’s stingrays and learn more about these amazing animals before your trip.
Seven Mile Beach white sand and perfect water on Grand Cayman Island | Red Sail Sports

What’s So Special About the Cayman Islands?

As Grand Cayman locals, you may think we’re biased when we say the Cayman Islands are a truly special vacation destination. But having welcomed many guests over the years, we’ve...
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