Red Sail Sports Grand Cayman Launches New Website

Red Sail Sports, the premier dive and watersports operator in the Cayman Islands, has launched a new website in conjunction with the celebration of its 25th Anniversary.  The site at is the place where visitors can go to find the latest on the wide range of services offered by the company; scuba diving and training, catamaran sailing and snorkelling, beach watersports, destination management, retail and shopping, local resident programs, news, special events and more.

“Our original website was built several years ago when we were part of a corporate chain of watersports outfits in the Caribbean and Hawaii, and it has served Red Sail Sports well,” said Operations Manager Rod McDowall. “But now that we are a full Caymanian-owned company our core identity has changed, so we thought it was time for a new look, especially as we celebrate this milestone anniversary.”

The new website features a user-friendly design and navigation.  It includes an easy-to-use booking engine which offers suggestions based on the type of activity the user is booking. Visitors can enjoy an attractive photo and video gallery.  Red Sail Sports has also included a page dedicated to watersports discounts and retail specials. Island residents can check this page out for discounts offered especially for them.

The site was designed by a Caymanian company, Netclues, which also designed a new website for the Rum Point Club, an affiliated company in the Red Sail Group.

“It made sense to keep both projects under one roof and keep it local to support an island business,” said McDowall. “Netclues is also designing new websites for other companies in the group.”

McDowall adds that although the new website offers a good online introduction to Red Sail Sports, webpages alone will never deliver the level of professional service that guests rightly expect from Red Sail Sports. To enjoy that they must visit the Cayman Islands and see for themselves why Red Sail Sports customers have been enjoying their services time after time during the past 25 years.

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