Waverunner Safaris Offer a Unique Way to Enjoy a Snorkeling Adventure

Grand Cayman’s calm clear waters, white sand beaches and accessible shallow reefs make the island a snorkeler’s paradise. For adventurous snorkelers who want to explore sites from personal watercraft, Red Sail Sports Grand Cayman offers daily Waverunner Safaris from its watersports shops on Seven Mile Beach and Rum Point.

Riders who sign up for a Safari enjoy a thrilling Waverunner ride, skimming across the water, from snorkel site to snorkel site. As many as 10 people can go out on 5 wave-runners for a guided tour that lasts up to an hour and a half and includes one or two snorkel stops – perfect for families and small groups. Waverunner Safaris explore shallow reefs on the island’s West Side, East End or the protected mangroves of the North Sound, and they can be customized to suit the group.

From Rum Point the adventure begins with an exhilarating ride along the east coast of the island to the wreck of the Ridgefield, a World War II cargo ship. This coastal area is also the site of the legendary wreck of the 10 sails. A Red Sail Sports guide points out interesting sites such as a memorial and other landmarks. After the riding tour, the explorers stop at a snorkel site, put on their snorkel gear and jump in.

Exploring the reefs of Grand Cayman, either as a diver or snorkeler, is a real treat and East End offers some of the best snorkelling on the island. Snorkelers, enjoying a window into this fascinating underwater world, explore shallow reefs bathed by sunlight and often discover things overlooked by divers.  Shallow reefs in the snorkel zone are ideal for photography and a close-up look at sea critters such as shrimp, conch, sea fans, fish, lobster, and many more.

The Waverunner Safari may also make a snorkel stop at two wreck sites a sunken yacht and what’s left of the Ridgefield − the ship’s anchor was thrown inside the reef by Hurricane Ivan in 2004. On calm days when conditions allow, safari-goers can visit a site that has cannons and a cannon wheel.

The Waverunner Mangrove Safari from Rum Point inspires awareness and appreciation for Cayman’s marine environment. Riders enjoy an interesting up-close exploration of the canals and canopies of the North Sound mangroves, a unique ecosystem that keeps the water clean, protects the shoreline and provides a nursery for young fish. Cayman has red, black and white mangroves and each type plays a role in protecting the environment. Safari-goers also about nature and check out the wildlife found in the mangroves – birds, iguanas, rays or green sea turtles. After a mangrove tour, the Safari stops at Cayman Kai’s Starfish Point where the sandy shallows are dotted with large orange Starfish.

Waverunner Safaris on the island’s West side can also be tailored to suit a group’s requests. Riders can choose from great snorkel sites such as shallow reefs with names like Cemetery, Cheeseburger, Eden Rock, Devil’s Grotto or Soto’s Reef. The wreck of the Cali, a sailing ship that ran aground years ago with a load of rice, now lies in about twenty feet of water and is great for snorkelling. Big silver Tarpon and colourful reef fish are often spotted in these areas.

Red Sail Sports also offers a number of other adventures for the whole family. From glass-bottom boat trips to the Stingray Sandbar, and Catamaran snorkel trips to sunset sails and dinner sails, scuba diving, windsurfing, kayaking, and more.

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