How Do You Get to Stingray City?

Grand Cayman is a paradise island in the heart of the Caribbean that attracts visitors from all over the world. Everyone has their own reasons for coming, from world-class scuba diving excursions to world-famous beaches. For many people, however, one of the highlights of Grand Cayman is a visit to Stingray City. But given its location in the open ocean, it’s only natural to ask yourself, “How do I get to Stingray City?”

At Red Sail Sports, we’re the leading provider of watersports and boat excursions in Grand Cayman, including our highly popular Stingray City tours. We love helping guests create unforgettable memories in the place we call home, so scroll down to find out how to get to Stingray City.

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Catamaran in Grand Cayman

Where is Stingray City?

Let’s start by getting our bearings. Stingray City is part of a sandbar located where the North Sound meets the Caribbean Sea. It’s in a channel created by natural forces that runs through a barrier reef teeming with beautiful aquatic life.

The water at the sandbar is clear, warm, and welcoming. It’s also home to dozens of wild southern stingrays! If you’re curious about what to expect from these animals during your visit, we’ve got two helpful and informative blogs for you — 5 Things You May Not Know About Stingray City’s Stingrays and Can the Stingrays at Stingray City Sting You?

When you visit Stingray City with Red Sail Sports, you can enter the water and interact with these amazing animals. This includes petting, holding, and feeding them. But please note, by law, only the crew are allowed to feed the stingrays and that feeding is limited to one pound of squid per boat. You can even kiss one for seven years of good luck!

Our Ultimate Guide to Stingray City in Grand Cayman has all the essential information you need about this extraordinary place. Be sure to read it when you have finished here.

Swimming tourists at Stingray City in Grand Cayman with Red Sail Sports

Getting to Stingray City

So, how do you get to Stingray City with Red Sail Sports? The answer is simple — on a luxury catamaran with an onboard bar, snacks, and all the equipment you’ll need to have fun at and explore this special place.

Our trips to Stingray City leave from two departure points, which we’ll explain below.

Snorkelers jumping from a catamaran in Grand Cayman with Red Sail Sports

Seven Mile Beach

Some of our Stingray City tours depart from Safehaven Marina, including the North Sound Eco Safari. You can find Safehaven Marina by heading inland from Seven Mile Beach. This is because the marina faces the North Sound, not the Caribbean Sea. Of course, Seven Mile Beach is huge, so the time it takes to reach the marina depends on your starting location. Generally speaking, it’s around a five- to eight-minute drive from most points around the beach.

If you’re planning to stay in this popular area during your holiday, we think you’ll appreciate reading our Ultimate Guide to Seven Mile Beach, Grand Cayman. It’s filled with all the information you need to know before your departure!

Alice with Stingray-Sea Spirit and Red Sail Sports

Rum Point

We also launch boat excursions from Rum Point. Rum Point Dock is on the northern tip of the eastern side of the North Sound’s mouth. As it’s on the opposite side of the sound, it’s a considerable distance from Seven Mile Beach. However, it’s ideal for anyone staying in the East End, North Side, and parts of Bodden Town.

The northern coast around Rum Point offers picturesque landscapes. If you’re looking for a quintessential Caribbean Island experience, you’ll find it here! Think relaxing in hammocks on white sand beaches, fun water activities, and amazing restaurants to grab a bite to eat at. The latter includes our own Rum Point Beach Club! It doesn’t get any better than mouthwatering BBQ right on the water.

Read our Guide to Rum Point and our blog about how to get around in the Cayman Islands for even more helpful travel information.

Swimming with Stingray in Stingray City Grand Cayman with Red Sail Sports

Charter a Private Boat for a Stingray City Visit!

For the ultimate in freedom and flexibility, you can also take advantage of our private boat charters in Grand Cayman. Our 27′ Boston Whaler Vantage can be yours for a morning, afternoon, or a whole day! A private charter allows you to explore the sights of the North Sound, including Stingray City, that appeal to you most. This option comes with complimentary pick-up from your hotel lobby, so you don’t have to worry about reaching your departure point.

Now you know how to get to Stingray City, you need to decide when to go! Read our blog How to Choose the Best Day to Visit Stingray City for all the information you need.

Red Sail Sports Catamaran at Stingray Sandbar in Grand Cayman

Explore Stingray City and Grand Cayman with Our Activities and Tours

As you can see, getting to Stingray City in Grand Cayman is easy, especially with Red Sail Sports. Start planning your adventure with us by browsing our range of Stingray City tours.

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