Introducing Kittiwake Anniversary Package 2015

Grand Cayman is celebrating the 5th anniversary of the USS Kittiwake wreck in January, easily one of Grand Cayman’s most popular dive sites, and Red Sail Sports is extending the festivities to customers with a $200 savings on a special anniversary dive package.  The wreck sits upright and intact in the sand and clear water off Seven Mile Beach at a depth easily accessible to both recreational divers and snorkelers. Visitors enjoy safe swim-throughs and the marine creatures that have moved in − making it a fascinating experience for divers of all skill levels.

Red Sail Sports’ Wreck Anniversary Package invites customers to experience the Kittiwake with great discounts and extras that only the island’s premier resort operator can offer. For only US $565 a guest can enjoy 5 days of diving, and additional two-tank dives for only $102 a day.

Available from Jan 3 – June 30, 2016, the Anniversary Package includes:

  • Daily 2-tank dives, including one on the Kittiwake
  • Kittiwake “5th Anniversary” Medallion
  • Wreck Night Dive (operating on Tuesdays, which can be substituted for a reef night dive on Thursdays)
  • 50% off 1-tank afternoon dive
  • FREE Sunset Sail
  • FREE 12L Aqualung Defense Dry Bag

The Kittiwake is on the West Side of Grand Cayman and transportation is not provided, so customers staying on the East End of Grand Cayman will have a 50-60 minute drive to the departure point for the Kittiwake dive. In order to take advantage of this package, divers must pre-book and pre-pay prior to arrival on the island.

“We launched this package at the Dive Equipment Manufacturers Association (DEMA) convention in Orlando earlier this month and got great responses from the dive travel industry,” says Operations Manager Rod McDowall. “The Kittiwake has earned a reputation as an outstanding wreck dive, and rightly so because it offers an incredible experience for divers of all levels and abilities. Even snorkelers can enjoy the parts in shallow water. We want everyone to come to celebrate and they can book directly with us!”

The booking process is about to become easier too as Red Sail Sports has recently undertaken a massive upgrade to its reservation management system.  The custom-built system called ResQwest, will move into its next phase in the coming months by rolling out a new user interface which will make the online booking process even easier.

“Our guests were having problems making reservations online, especially with larger and more complicated reservations such as booking multiple activities or a multi-day dive package,” says Sarah-Jane Harlan, Sales and Marketing. “We have upgraded our internal booking engine, and now it is time to roll it out a simplified reservation process to the public.  We hope our guests enjoy a faster online booking experience in the coming months.”

To book the Kittiwake Anniversary Dive Package call toll-free 1-877-506-6368, email [email protected], or visit

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