Where are the Best Beaches in Grand Cayman?

Are the stunning, sunkissed shores of Grand Cayman calling your name?

Sun, sand, and sea come together in perfect harmony here, creating the kind of Caribbean scenery you’ve always dreamed of.

At Red Sail Sports, we are leaders in Grand Cayman beach activities, so it’s fair to say we know a thing or two about our island’s beaches.

Whether you plan to kick back and relax, take a cooling dip in the azure waters, join in some fun activities, or do a little of everything, our stunning coastlines will provide the backdrop for your vacation.

So join us as we hop around the island and explore the best beaches in Grand Cayman!

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Seven Mile Beach: Paradise Perfected

The first stop, and one of Grand Cayman’s crown jewels, is the world-renowned Seven Mile Beach. 

Stretching like a dream for 6.3 miles along our island’s west coast, this beautiful beach has powdery white sands, gentle turquoise water, and swaying palm trees. 

As you sink your toes into the soft sand, the worries of the world melt away, replaced by sheer bliss.

But Seven Mile Beach isn’t just about basking in the sun. This playground of possibilities offers a myriad of water activities. 

Our dive shops on Seven Mile Beach are the perfect place for snorkel equipment rental in Grand Cayman, so you can start exploring coral reefs teeming with colourful marine life in no time.

Or try your hand at paddleboarding and kayaking for different, but equally amazing,  perspectives. 

Discover even more about this special place by reading our Visitor’s Guide to Grand Cayman’s Seven Mile Beach.

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Rum Point Beach: A Quiet Escape on the North Coast

A little slice of heaven awaits you on the north side of the island at the peaceful paradise known as Rum Point. 

Embrace the laid-back island lifestyle as you sway in hammocks and sip on refreshing cocktails under the shade of palm trees.

You’ll find it impossible to resist the crystal-clear, shallow waters. They are perfect for wading through, floating on, and relaxing in. 

There’s no coral at Rum Point Beach, but snorkelling around Rum Point Dock is always a great way to spot stingrays and juvenile fish. As a result, the area is much quieter than Seven Mile Beach.

But you can join adventures heading out to sea. Browse our range of boat excursions from Rum Point Dock, including a Stingray City Sandbar trip.

Whether you visit Rum Point for a boat tour or simply to relax, be sure to head to the Rum Point Club to complete the experience with a famous Rumslide!

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Governor’s Beach: A Relaxing Spot on Seven Mile Beach

Seven Mile Beach is so long that it has smaller beaches contained within it. 

And more or less in the centre, you can find Governor’s Beach, named after the nearby Governor’s Residence.

Equally popular with families and adventurers, Governor’s Beach has a little of everything.

At times it’s quiet and serene. At other points, it’s a hub for games, activities, and snorkelling.

Around 100ft to 165ft from the shore you will find Governor’s reef set in calm waters You can also find numerous coral formations that attract mesmerizing, vibrant marine life at this site..

Swim alongside schools of tropical fish and discover the hidden treasures of the Caribbean Sea. 

This picturesque setting is an excellent spot for a stroll, a beachside picnic with loved ones, and enjoying the breathtaking sight of a Cayman sunset.

Looking for more vacation inspiration? Check out some of the reasons why the Cayman Islands are so special.

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Smith’s Barcadere: A Hidden Gem South of George Town

Also known as Smith Cove, this small beach is tucked away in Grand Cayman’s southwest corner.

The combination of its size and picturesque setting creates an intimate atmosphere that simply isn’t possible on larger beaches.

With wonderful white sand, azure water, and rocky limestone outcrops, Smith’s Barcadere offers unique photo opportunities.

And the snorkelling here is great too! Swim out and discover the colourful coral formations and an impressive array of marine life.

You can also find gift shops nearby, some with local art, so this is also a great place to pick up a souvenir.

Of course, Caribbean vacations aren’t all about beaches. Read some of our other tips for having the best Cayman vacation.

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Starfish Point: Where Stars Shine Bright

Located a 5-minute drive from Rum Point Beach, Starfish Point is a unique beach that will leave you starstruck! 

The shallow waters here are home to a delightful abundance of starfish, making it an unforgettable experience.

Remember, stars need their space! When visiting Starfish Point, we kindly remind all beachgoers to practice responsible tourism. 

These fascinating creatures are delicate, and it’s essential to admire them from a respectful distance to ensure their preservation for generations to come.

Do you want to visit Starfish Point on your Grand Cayman adventure? Our North Sound Eco Safari is exactly what you’re looking for!

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Cemetery Beach: Find Serenity on Seven Mile Beach

This is another popular beach located within Seven Mile Beach. It’s nestled at the north end, and while the name may sound eerie, it’s quite the opposite.

Cemetery Beach takes its name from the beautifully decorated cemetery that sits directly behind it.

There’s a coral head located a relatively short distance from the shore here, so there are fantastic snorkelling opportunities to enjoy.

Expect to find sea fans and sponges, staghorn, blennies, nudibranchs, and a kaleidoscope of tropical marine species.

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Spotts Beach: A Secluded Spot on the South Coast

Last but certainly not least, Spotts Beach is another of the best beaches in Grand Cayman.

Located on the island’s quieter south coast, this beach is away from the hustle and bustle found elsewhere. 

In fact, the white sand beach is surrounded by homes and waterfront condos, so you’re more likely to encounter locals than visitors.

And because this beach faces south, it’s a great place for early risers to catch a sunrise.

The limited water traffic and near-shore coral formations allow for brilliant snorkelling. And if you’re lucky, you may even spot a sea turtle or two!

Are you wondering how to reach some of the beaches outside of the main tourist areas? Our previous guide How to Get Around in the Cayman Islands has all the information you need.

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Discover Even More with Our Grand Cayman Boat Excursions

So, where are the best beaches in Grand Cayman? Well, all over the island!

And these are just our initial recommendations. There’s plenty more spectacular coastline to explore.

Continue planning your Caribbean escape by browsing our range of exciting boat excursions in Grand Cayman.

And if you have any questions for the Red Sail Sports team, please just get in touch.

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